The adventure continues…

I have wanted to get back into more tech blogging so this is my new dig.  I have also wanted to get my domain name registered so this is kills two birds with on stone. is born.

If you are familiar with my other site I have not been very active on it. Bored with it is more like it.  It is very hard to develop a following and getting people to contribute unless the a blog has a little focus. The House of Husar was all over the place so I have decided to diversify my original blog into a few other sites each having better focus on specific topics. As I am sure you have figured out, this blog is going to be focused on my mad geek adventures.

Right now my passion has been around the Raspberry Pi.  Not sure what took me so long but I am knee deep in the adventure and already have 3 units to play with.  I can see picking up 2 more very soon. At least right now you can expect a big focus on the Raspberry and everything that goes along with it.