Van Roof Rack

I’ve been working on a roof rack for the van. Today I finished up all the crossbars.  After painting them and mounting I was about to test them with my weight.  I used 5 1/2 Surco gutter mounts and 1″ steel tubing.  The tubing is 6′ long and cost $22 each.  The Surco gutter mounts are $70 new for two crossbars.  I pick up all the cutter mounts at a discount by ordering them off Amazon and buying the returned versions over the new.  The price of the ruturned sets ranged between $45-60. I saved a few dollars and they looked new.  No complaints about buying the warehouse returned versions.

Next up is covering the crossbars with wood decking.   The crossbars are strong enough to carry our gear on vacations and setting up some lawn chairs to relax and taking in the sights.   I just need to get a ladder now.

I used 1″ plastic end caps to keep water out of the tubbing and avoid any rusting later.

A sample pled piece of cedar to test the decking,

Supportx my weight!

Pai ting all the parts flat black.

This is 5 of the 7 installed.

I’m short a few end caps.


More re to come as I get the decking installed.