Google Glass Explorer Program

I was invited to join the Google Glass Explorer Program yesterday. I have been following Glass since the beginning but have never had the chance to play with it. I’m on the fence about the opportunity but I can’t wait very long to make a decision.


I’m most interested in the photo and video opportunities since you can shoot and capture both hands free. Biking with Glass is something I’d love to try. Photo, video, and navigation all without using my hands or fumbling for my iPhone. Concert video would be pretty interesting. I also have a few ideas for children’s educational games and a fitness app.

I’ve never seen anyone in Des Moines with Glass so I might be the first. Or maybe just the first to be seen wearing them? But it might come down to the price tag. 1500 to get into the program. That’s a lot of cash and I’m sure I could spend the money on other gadgets. Still, I’m a big enough geek that it might be hard to pass this opportunity up.